Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Dream

I have dreams frequently.
They are never the same dream, but they always have one girl.
She is not always the main woman, she is often just in the background.
I know this girl.
She was the root of my thought process today. She is the reason I'm scared of trust, the reason I am reluctant to simply believe. 
But, the dreams are never bad. They are always pretty good, actually.
It's when I wake up, they become bad. I look back at how good the dream was, and it upsets me that I have to live my life in the real world again.
At the same time, I'm scared to go back to sleep, because I am scared of this girl. I know that I will be upset when I wake up. 
Now here's the thing.

She has found a way out.
Obviously, since she is a real person, of course I see her often. But, its the dream version I have started, well, believing is real.
The dreams always involve this woman in love with me. I have often become so delusional as to believe it in real life. I promise, I am not crazy. I obviously control myself, but when the realization comes that the dreams will never actually be, I almost break.
You break me.
More to continue later. 
This is just a small part of a very long story.


  1. I gotta read the rest of the story. you've definitely peaked my interest.

  2. seriously your art is really great. it's really fresh, you don't ever see anything like that in the academic realm of art

  3. Yeah dreams go pretty deep. I don't dream too much though because I smoke too much pot.

  4. awesome dream, I've never been able to remember any of my dreams, which sucks but is good since I don't get nightmares lol

  5. You should keep a notebook with your dreams in it. :D

  6. I always liked to log my dreams in a notebook, it may even introduce you to a lucid dream in a near future :)

  7. New post coming soon, expanding on the dreaming process based off of research