Monday, June 6, 2011


Regarding Politics.

Yes, you and I both knew that this day would come. Politics are crazy. A friend of mine said: "Politics are like cancer. Nobody likes it, but it will always be here, and everyone knows that it needs to be taken care of." That leaves the question: Are politicians the tumors, or the doctors?
Now, when I talk about politics, I think in a pretty broad sense. Conservatives and Liberals. Here is my view: I hate them both. (Not hate, thats a strong word. You know what I mean.) They both obviously have their flaws, and the raging war between the two will ne'er cease! 
Heres what I see in the typical Conservative:
  • Closed mind
  • Uptight attitude
  • Strong morals
  • Stubbornness (Could be good or bad)
Conservatives, please, don't take any of that the wrong way. (Strong morals?)
And, in my eyes, here is a typical Liberal:

  • Open mind
  • Go-with-the-flow attitude
  • Clouded morals
  • Care-free 
Again. Don't take these things the wrong way. Yada yada. 
I'm not stereotyping, I'm just typing. (Ba-dum TSH)
No. I'm not stereotyping, I am taking actual examples from actual people that I actually know. People that I have gotten to know rather well, in fact.
I gave 4 bullets on each party, but we all know that they're much deeper than that. I'm just scraping the surface. Now here is where my thoughts come in. Which party is "better"? Which one is actually right, and which one is wrong?
Looking on it using a religious (not necessarily Christian, mind you) standpoint, it is pretty safe to say that Conservatives are "right". But then one must look at a social standpoint, an American, freedom standpoint, and thats where the Liberals are "right".
That puts me in an awkward position. A rather awkward position. I am (try to be) very religious, not in an annoying, "preach the good word and get on everyone's nerves way, but simply a God-fearing individual. At the same time, I realize that God gave us free will for a very good reason, and that was to learn from our mistakes. Does that mean that Conservatives are perfect and have already learned? Or does it mean that they are afraid of learning? Does that mean that EVERY Liberal is un-religious, and therefore, unafraid? Or does it mean that they are in the process OF learning?No answer. I wouldn't post my finished thoughts. They're just thoughts. 

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