Monday, June 6, 2011


I'll go over what Silver means later.

I started development on a flash game not too long ago based off of the concept of Silver. Unfortunately, with my inferior programming skills, it kind of fell through, and I have no way to finish it, as I leave to travel in 2 days time.
 The story followed a boy named Silver. Or, called Silver, as his real name is never stated.
 He feels worthless, and alone, and this is shown in the game's empty, yet full feel.
 Silver is followed, and almost tormented by an enigmatic man in a tie, with a face of disdain. 
 The disembodied voice whispers to Silver constantly, almost destroying him from the inside out as the player reaches the end of the level, where he must decide to take the path of light, or of darkness.
 Either one he chooses, he finds he is the enemy.


  1. wow i hope to play it soon please keep us informed through your blog?
    edit: why the hell is your captcha turned on? you got problems with spammers or what?

  2. I had no idea it was turned on, actually. Getting to that now.

  3. I love it, looks fantastic, looking forward to it. :D